12.3 - Utility and Benefits

Welcome to the Owners Club!
Once users have their ESTN NFT's in their vault box (ESTN wallet), this grants those seat owners special privileges and access including:
  • Get your share of the real-world seat licensing revenue generated by the ESTN tournament platform.
  • Receive rewards directly in your vault box (in the form of ESTN tokens and other EVN compatible tokens such as Polygon/MATIC)
  • Unlock exclusive offers designed just for certain rare and higher ESTN seat NFT owners.
  • Get invited to A-List, real-world events and meetups (welcome to the Owners Club)
  • Trade your seat NFT's on popular platforms like OpenSea and other NFT marketplaces.
  • Get exclusive access to have their seats used by gamers in higher-tier tournaments (which have higher monthly reward payouts).
  • Gain special access to stake in higher-yield DSO pools designed for that higher class seat; earning greater rewards.