11.0 - ESTN Roadmap

The pathway to victory.

ESTN has assembled one of the most experienced and successful marketing teams of any past or present blockchain-based startup.

We have developed a multi-phase promotional strategy to maximize our visibility and pave the path to success. Each of the three initial phases outlined here are meant to run for approximately three months, but timelines and proposed strategic elements are always subject to change, as our real-world circumstances may change. Our initial goal will be to recruit 1% to 3% of the combined player base in the world's top Esports titles to our tournament platform.

"In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable." - Dwight D. Eisenhower

Branding our UPR system as essential to the Esports experience is a core element to all phases of this strategy. We will heavily promote the tag line “What's your UPR?” and other variations that may be developed during the campaign process to capture mind-share and encourage conversations that can lead to new player sign-ups on the ESTN platform.

Our Three Phase Marketing Plan

Phase One

Live play on the ESTN platform will launch with a heavily-promoted tournament for 200 teams, each fielding four members per team. This launch tournament will evolve into three more live tournaments of similar size; set to run within the initial 90-day post-launch period. Three online tournaments will run between each live event, resulting in 12 total Phase 1 tournaments, or roughly one per week.

Our marketing strategy during this initial period hinges on a combination of public relations and press outreach, combined with diverse content marketing approaches that aim to earn top-of-mind visibility with our target audience of competitive gamers and avid Esports fans. We are aiming to onboard 100,000 paying gamers to our platform by the end of this first 90-day period.

Phase 2

‌We will heavily leverage our initial user base for growth during the second of our three strategic marketing phases.

Paying gamers will receive strong incentives to recruit friends, family, and other potential players through various affiliate and referral bonus systems. More ambitious Phase 1 paying users may also be encouraged to become DSOs, providing them with greater financial incentives to promote and support our platform.

We will begin to more heavily utilize paid marketing strategies in Phase 2. These campaigns will feature top-performing content created during Phase 1, as well as new content developed during this phase to target different and/or more specific audiences. We will also begin extensive email outreach to lists with tens of millions of video game and Esports enthusiasts.

We intend to grow our user base to at least 250,000 paying gamers by the end of Phase 2.

Phase 3

The third marketing phase will be marked by heavy use of Big Data analytics to drive ad targeting and re-targeting strategies. We will further emphasize paid marketing and will scale up our paid ad budget as resources permit and in accordance with the outcome of our analytics.

This phase will also feature more, and more integrated, strategic alliances with key Esports brands, influencers, and developers.

The Esports audience is highly receptive to influencer promotions, and we have already secured promotional agreements with several top-tier Esports personalities. These secured influencers may be deployed earlier than Phase 3; however, we intend to develop a large promotional pool of Esports influencers that can be deployed to build mind share and brand awareness in this strategic phase.

The full breadth and depth of our influencer outreach campaign is not likely to be seen until Phase 3, but we expect it to produce outsized results and drive significant new player conversions by the end of this initial 90-day marketing period.

We intend to build a user base of one million to 1.5 million paying gamers by the end of Phase 3.

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