7.0 - Dual-Tier Reward Structure

Credits vs. Tokens

ESTN has a dual-tier reward structure that uses both in-system ESTN credits and ESTN tokens that function similarly to other cryptocurrency tokens.

ESTN Credits

ESTN credits can be earned with every game played -- win, lose, or draw -- and are available to all players at all skill levels. Credits are exchangeable for ESTN tokens at a rate of 1,000 to 1. Credits serve as an incentive for regular play and as a gating mechanism to certain events and rewards.

For example, we may restrict certain tournaments so that entry can only be purchased with ESTN credits. Other rare platform-exclusive rewards may also be made available exclusively for purchase with credits. Credits will not be obtainable with ESTN tokens or via real-money purchase, which preserves this reward mechanism as a means of demonstrating player activity on, and commitment to, the ESTN platform. Players will recognize this design as similar to the achievement point systems prevalent in their favorite Esports games.

ESTN Tokens

ESTN tokens are awarded one or more top-ranked finalists in tournaments and can also be acquired through an exchange of ESTN credits or via purchase on cryptocurrency exchanges. Utilizing ESTN tokens as our primary reward mechanism allows us to provide a truly global platform on which gamers from all nations may compete, win, and then easily enjoy their winnings. The advantages of minimal transaction fees and rapid transfers conferred by blockchain-based cryptocurrencies are well known within the blockchain space. With greater adoption, our platform will only further increase the visibility and appeal of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. And growing public knowledge of blockchain's advantages will only increase the visibility and appeal of ESTN. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

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