9.0 - UPR Ranking System

Universal Player Ranking (UPR) System

Inside Our Universal Player Ranking (UPR) System

Our UPR system resembles the Elo ratings and experience points familiar to competitive gamers.

UPR scores will rise or fall after every game in proportion to:

  • The player's skill level / Their opponents' skill level

  • The type of game they've chosen to play in tournament competition

  • The completion of various rare or difficult achievements in games or through ESTN tournament play.

  • Other assessed metrics to be determined

UPR points encourage consistent play and provide stable “gating” mechanisms that prevent players from moving too rapidly through league rankings, or from attempting to engage in unfair competition with lower- skilled players that have weaker UPRs.

By storing all player performance data on the blockchain and enforcing multi-factor authentication, we ensure that no player will attain their UPR and attendant rewards unfairly through hacking or via surreptitious use of higher-skilled "ringers".

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