10.0 - Pathway To The Pros

ESTN will democratize Esports through the Blockchain.

We will launch with one adult-class competitive league and our system can expand as necessary to accommodate leagues of varying ages and skill sets. Every tier of competition will sustain at least one robust Esports league, developed and supported by top branding and marketing specialists, to ensure the greatest visibility and audience appeal.

Players at all levels will ultimately be able to enter skill-appropriate, branded leagues that operate in their own unique media landscapes to attract age and skill-appropriate sponsors and DSOs.

We envision a world in which young children will compete in “Mario”- branded Esports leagues (or under other branding as our ability to license popular gaming characters may dictate), just as children today compete in Pop Warner or Pee-Wee youth sports leagues.

As youth players mature, and their skills continue to improve they will find natural progressions through increasingly challenging branded leagues, each supported by its own broadcast ecosystem, before ultimately reaching the highest level of professional Esports competition.

ESTN is designed to serve as the entire pathway to the pros. The size and range of our projected player base will also allow us to provide a level of in-depth player analytics from the start that no other sport can or will offer at the amateur level. Additionally, we may provide statisticians and other data professionals with the ability to analyze our data through narrow API access, which should improve the value of our player data through the application of new expert perspectives, thus helping to further develop the coaching and recruiting aspects of Esports.

No other platform comes close. No other platform offers everyone the chance to compete fairly regardless of skill level. No other platform offers a way for all participants to share in the common pool of tangible financial rewards, regardless of player skill, user role, preferred game, or even country of origin.

ESTN will democratize Esports through the Blockchain.

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