2.1 - Market Size Overview

How big is Esports?

How many people watch Esports worldwide?

As of 2021, the worldwide Esports audience size reached 474 million people. In the years to come, more and more viewers are expected to tune in to watch their favorite games being played by some of the best gamers in the world. By 2024, there are expected to be over 577 million viewers of Esports worldwide.

How does Esports stack up against established sports leagues?

National Football League

In 2020, the Super Bowl on FOX averaged 102.1 million viewers, the tenth most watched Super Bowl ever and eleventh most watched program of all-time. It was also the most streamed Super Bowl with an "average minute" audience of 3.4 million.

2018 FIFA World Cup

According to FIFA, the 2018 World Cup final between France and Croatia reached an average live audience of 517 million viewers

National Basketball Association

For the 2020 NBA Finals, the ratings dropped to a historic low, with one of the games drawing only 5.9 million viewers. The average viewers figure over 6 games was 7.5 million, which is a 51% decline from the previous year.

Esports audience is growing steadily while many traditional sports are losing viewership.

The NFL is the world's largest professional sporting league. It was founded in 1920 and first reached one billion dollars in inflation-adjusted annual revenue 59 years later, in 1979. The Electronic Sports League (no current affiliation with ESTN) became the first professional Esports league when it formed in the year 2000. By 2020, the Esports market will surpass $1B dollars in annual revenue. Esports will reach that mark four decades faster than pro football.

Statista.com estimates that the Esports industry will generate$1.65 billion in total annual revenue in 2021, a estimated 33% increase over the $1.10 billion in Esports revenues for 2020.

These calculations focus only on the professional side of Esports , which accounts for roughly 17% of the total Esports market. The ESTN Platform answers the competitive needs of the other 83% of the market With a World-Class operating structure that promises to be better than anything used by the Top 17% of the Esports market today.

ESTN is the true competitive solution for a player's lifelong Esports journey.

Unlike athletic sports, Esports is a vast umbrella that can at any time cover competitive events played in hundreds of games of every imaginable style and on every possible platform. We intend to be the worldwide leader in this space, and we invite you to join us at the beginning.

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