5.0 - The Solution is ESTN

An Esports platform for gamers ranging from beginners to pros.

Key to addressing the lack of coherence or consistency in Esports is the development of a platform of appropriate scale and sufficient comprehensiveness.

We believe that a platform-centric and massively scalable Esports platform with a transparent, verifiable, unalterable way to track, rank, and reward player performance is the best way to achieve market penetration and build optimal network values in the Esports industry. This is what we have built with the ESTN platform.

To achieve the necessary scale, the successful Esports tournament platform must have:

  • A way for gamers to compete, and have their performance tracked, across multiple games and multiple leagues within one ecosystem.

  • Adequate financial incentives to encourage gamers to engage unknown players in competitive tournaments through league play.

  • Role delegation functions to allow and encourage third parties to monetize or sponsor tournaments.

  • Integrations with popular streaming and other Esports engagement platforms for maximum visibility.

Our approach addresses all these requirements. ESTN establishes a legitimate opportunity for all Esports players to improve their skills, gain visibility, and monetize their efforts. Our platform provides opportunities for any Esports player, whether they're working towards turning pro, want to gain recognition for their skills, or simply want to be rewarded for game play.

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