6.0 - The ESTN Platform

World-class infrastructure for gamers of all levels.

The ESTN platform infrastructure is robust and comprehensive enough to be used at all levels of play. This makes ESTN the ultimate tournament platform for every competitive gamer in the world.

Player progress and success is recorded on the blockchain via UPR, providing a persistent and immutable record of a player's performance over time. Connecting player records to the blockchain also allows us to efficiently delegate tournament seats to DSOs, streamline seat purchases, and also, track and allocate seat revenues and prize payouts. Each player's UPR will ultimately be validated through web3 wallet authentication for ideal security.

Players can buy entry into prize-pool leagues through seat fees. A portion of each fee goes towards creating the tournament prize pool, which varies in size based on the seat fee amount, any sponsorship modifiers, and other factors.

ESTN seat licenses are available on a Delegated Seat Ownership (DSO) basis. DSOs are granted delegated and fractional ownership rights to individual seats and will receive a share of each seat's tournament entry fees.

Tournament seats are managed by NFTs and smart contracts, which control both player (seat user) and DSO (seat operator) rights and rewards. The ESTN platform is built to scale on the most advanced cloud and blockchain technologies available. Our platform can host a virtually unlimited number of tournaments every month and can manage and track an unlimited number of players.

This operating structure allows us to leverage the efforts of incentivized third parties to promote our platform, reducing our marketing requirements, while simultaneously fulfilling the promise of distributed ownership and control that can only be offered by blockchain-based systems.

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