13.3 - The Token's Utility

Where and how the ESTN token is used throughout the ecosystem.

The purpose of the tradable "ESTN" is to act as a utility token within the ESTN platform and larger gaming ecosystem. Users can transact using ESTN tokens in a number of ways including:

  • Credits vs. Tokens - ESTN "Credits" are virtualized (and exchangeable for) ESTN tokens. ESTN "credits" will be used as the off-chain currency throughout the platform including uses like: game play credits, tournament entry credits, reward credits, seat purchasing credits, and to purchase merchandise in the ESTN storefront. Credits have an exchange rate against ESTN tokens, currently aprx. 1000-to-1. Generally speaking, when user transactions are happening in the ESTN web portal, they'll be transacting in credits, and when users perform any action recorded on the blockchain, they will be transacting in the ESTN token equivalent.

  • Form of Payment - ESTN tokens shall be accepted as a form of payment throughout the platform for uses including: purchasing bundles of seats, purchasing game play "passes", and buying merchandise at the ESTN storefront.

  • Used in Staking - Seat owners can "stake" their ESTN tokens to boost its use in the ecosystem. This automatically earns the seat owner (DSO) additional revenue. (See "Staking" section for more info this).

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