3.2 - Scaling & Projections

How big can this really get?

Our long-term goal is to build a paying user base of 20 million gamers. A user base of this size can generate $1.2 billion per year in revenue from entry fees alone, as entry fees will be divided into units to properly incentivize each stakeholder, as shown here.

The price for each NFT seat licenses within the ESTN metaverse arena will be announce soon (Q3 2022).

Achieving our user base goals also adds a further $500 million in DSO license fees to our top line. This raises our total potential core revenue to $1.7 billion per year. This long-term target also supports payouts of $1.2 billion across all system-wide tournament prize pools. This represents an unprecedented earning opportunity for Esports competitors at all skill levels. Consider that the total annual worldwide Esports winnings, across all pro tournaments, first surpassed $100 million last year.

Our path to 20 million users requires adoption by 4% of the combined active player base across the 20 Esports titles we plan to support at launch. The rapid growth of video gaming markets makes this target easier to achieve with every passing day.

We've built a world-class team. We've secured high-level partnerships with some of the biggest and most valuable names in Esports, investing, and business. Our investors and advisory board have achieved success at the highest levels. We believe that we can marshal more resources, and deploy them more adeptly, than any other organization in this space.

We're incredibly excited to tackle this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a stronger competitive foundation for the entire Esports industry, and to help Esports thrive with a dynamic tournament platform designed for all players.

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