12.2 - ESTN Seats as NFTs

Each gamer "seat" sold is a totally unique NFT.

How do NFT's fit in?

Each gamer seat purchased by those users wanting to act as DSO's (seat owners) shall be unique and have various characteristics programmed into itself in the form of an NFT (non fungible token).

There are five sections of seats in the ESTN metaverse arena, each possessing a certain rarity and reward earning power. The more rare the seat and its characteristics are, the more ESTN token rewards that seat shall earn per month. The five seating sections in the metaverse arena are: upper deck, lower deck, club seats, skybox seats, and the ultra-rare "owners suite" seats.

How will users receive their NFT's?

During the ESTN "NFT Launch", the platform will mint and deliver each registered wallet with its corresponding NFTs previously purchased (the NFTs will appear in your "vault box". Every user who buys seat NFTs must have an ESTN "vault box" NFT in order to receive your seat NFTs.

Example Scenario: User A buys a particular seat NFT during presale. Upon the NFT launch (minting event), User A will receive the corresponding NFTs for those seats they purchased earlier, and they will be delivered to the same vault box NFT owned by the Metamask wallet address they used to register their portal account during the original presale phase.

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