3.0 - Revenue Streams

What are ESTN's primary revenue streams and how do DSO's earn?

The ESTN platform receives a share of all league registration fees that players must pay to enter the monthly tournaments. These registration fees are also known as "seat fees", as they secure the rights to one of a limited number of available “seats” in their tournament(s) of choice.

Delegated Seat Owners (DSOs) pay ESTN licensing fees to own and control seats, which entitles them to share in the fee revenue generated from those Seats.

DSO's earn two main ways:

1) DSO's keep 20% of all tournament prize pools proportionate to their seats owned, and

2) Rewards from the DSO staking pool (based on the % of seats owned vs. all community-owned seats).

ESTN also generates supplemental revenue through additional channels and lines of business. These may include:

  • Sponsorship and/or partnership agreements with major brands,

  • Merch sold in the "ESTN Online Shop"

  • Opportunities that may leverage our platform's reach and/or brand value.

Esports supports many revenue models, and the ESTN platform presents opportunities for ESTN, its partners, its players, and its entrepreneurial DSOs to capitalize on them all.

What we offer is more than an idea. This is a very real opportunity to own a very real piece of a transformative Esports platform. Other blockchain opportunities raise funds to turn ideas into realities. The technological concepts behind ESTN have already been developed into realities, and what we ask is your help to scale it into a dominant worldwide enterprise.

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