2.4 - Growth Opportunities

Limitless opportunities for growth in this green-field space.

The reality is clear. ESports is the future of Sports.

We have developed ESTN (Electronic Sports Tournament Network) to serve as the platform and ecosystem of choice for Esports competitors around the world. ESTN will lead the Esports industry forward into the future.

The Esports market is still only a very small part of the worldwide video gaming market, which is now worth an estimated $137.9 billion. But that share is growing.

In 2014, Esports accounted for just 0.2% of all video gaming revenues. By 2021, Newzoo expects the global video game industry to generate $180 billion in revenue, and Esports will claim 0.9% of the total. A 5% share of the worldwide video game industry today would be worth $6.9 billion. 5% in 2021 would be worth $9 billion.

There are many ways for the Esports market to grow. The opportunities in Esports make it a shining star in the constellation of global professional sports.

Esports flourishes in areas with easy access to powerful computing platforms and stable high-speed internet access. Nowhere is this more evident than in South Korea. The country poured resources into its broadband infrastructure just as millions of its citizens found themselves unemployed due to a late-90s financial crisis, which turned South Korea into the epicenter of the Esports industry.

South Korea accounts for roughly 15% of global video gaming revenues today, despite making up less than 1% of the global population. There are also more Esports competitors (920) from South Korea than hail from all other nations, except China and the United States, two nations with much larger populations. Last year, Korean Esports competitors earned more than twice as much in tournament winnings per player as their counterparts in the United States.

As other populous nations, particularly China and India, continue to improve their broadband infrastructures, they will assume greater prominence in the worldwide Esports scene. The Asian market will continue to be a driving force in worldwide Esports. The 2022 Asian Games, an Olympic offshoot, will host the world's first-ever Esports medal competition, thanks to a partnership with Alibaba, another massive Chinese online company with interests in the Esports scene.

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